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Catering menu

Below you shall find a menu with lots of fun dishes . I am always happy to take clients' specific dietary specifications into account.

Catering menus are conditional to a minimum of 6 diners.

Different formulas:

60 NIS / person: 3 dishes from category A, 2 dishes from category B

80 NIS / person: 3 dishes from category A, 3 dishes from category B, small dessert

100 NIS / person: 2 dishes from category A, 3 dishes from category B, 1 dish from category C, 2 small desserts

120 NIS / person: 2 dishes from category A, 3 dishes from category B, 2 dishes from category C, 1 small dessert, 1 composite dessert

                        OR: 2 dishes from category A, 3 dishes from category B, 1 dish from category C, 1 small dessert, 1 sophisticated dessert, 1 composite dessert.

Additional fees: Delivery to client's house: 25 NIS

                            Plating dishes at client's house: 120 NIS

Category A:

Slow roasted carrots:

Roasted carrots with home-preserved lemons and chilli. Tart, sweet and spicy.

Bean and greens salad:

Beans sauteed with leek, spinach / silverbeet, mutmeg and chilli

Roast cabbage:

Cabbage roasted with salt, garlic, dill and olive oil.

Onion pakoras (2 units per person):

Little mounds of onions battered with indian scented chickpea batter

Skinny waldorf salad:

Celery stalks, apples, walnuts and cranberries in white wine vinegar

Sweet and salty Baladi:

Fire roasted aubergine with tehina, silan and garlic

Category B:

Sabich salad:

Large chunks of roast aubergine, tomatoes and parsley with a tehina-amba dressing (on a bed of lettuce)

Butternut squash platter:

Thick butternut squash noodles, roasted alongside red onion and cherry tomatoes and served with a tahini-hyssop drizzle sauce.

Blakan style crustless quiche:

Chickpea flour crustless quiche with roast aubergines, sundried tomatoes and sunflower seed- feta

Beetroot patties (2 units per person, conditional to minimum 5 persons):

Tonnes of beetroot and a little bit of oatmeal / chickpea flour / red lentil flour

Zoodle salad:

Zucchini / courgette noodles (raw) with lemony dill dressing

Celery leaf salad with lentils:

Celery, parsley and legumes. Zingy and refreshing.

Sweet beetroot salad:

beets, apples, figs and baby leaves with balsamic dressing

Courgette cannelloni:

courgette roll-ups with tofu and spinach, in tomato sauce

Category C:


lentil ragout and cauliflower cream layered between aubergine and courgettes


vegetable based koftas with roasted aubergines and tomatoes, in a light tomato sauce. Served with tehina

Beetroot patties (2 units per person):

Tonnes of beetroots and a little bit of oatmeal / chickpea flour / red lentil flour. Served with a  sunflower feta sauce and balsamic onion and fig chutney.

Small desserts:


Fudgy truffles made from dates, cocoa and hazelnuts

Chocoluz balls:

dates, hazelnuts, cocoa and oatmeal creation with a similar texture to 'chocolate salami'

Coconut, lime and cocoa butter truffles:

scrumptious truffles that taste like tropical cheesecake and melt in your mouth

Elegant desserts:


Coconut chubby hubby balls:

peanut butter crunch center in a snappy, melt-in-your-mouth coconut shell.

Stuffed dates:

dates stuffed with peanut butter crunch

fat-free oatmeal fruit cake:

oatmeal based sponge cake with seasonal fruits


Composite desserts:

3 Layer balls:

peanut butter crunch center covered in chocolate layer and a snappy, melt-in-your-mouth coconut shell.

Snickers ice:

peanut crunch layered with salted peanut and date caramel and covered in chocolate. To be enjoyed straight out of the freezer.

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