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About us;  a little about me and the food :)

For as long as I remember myself, food played a cardinal role in my life. As an adolescent I was drawn to the kitchen, to create food, similizing it to alchemy. Till this day, with the understanding that indeed basic chemical phenomena are those underlying cooking processes, I cannot release the notion that there is still something mystical beyond explainable chemical and physical teachings. More magical.

My culinary journey began as a connection to a homey, comforting and utterly decadent atmosphere. The more time I spent in the kitchen, the farther off-recipes I went, leading to a space I could express my creativity. Along the journey new value principles were slowly integrated into the vision: Health, sustainability, locality, etc. 

After years in scientific research, I plucked up the courage to live my dream; create food.

A little more about me and the food:

Baking and pastry were what drew me in. I wasn't sure if I would want to make this my career as to not ruin a hobby that was dear to me. That is how I started my degree in Biochemistry, introducing a new interest and love in my life.

The years in which gastronomy took secondary significance in my life allowed me to develop new awareness to our relationship with food, both physical and emotional. First came the physiological aspect, through different arenas of my life; knowledge I accumulated from teachings in biological sciences, ailments in loved ones around me and even my own bodily reactions to foods I was eating.

Our emotional, or energetic,  connection to food trickled into my awareness later, and I started increasing my consumption of nutritious, plant based, whole foods. Slowly, my vision for the business I wanted to create was changing, for how would I serve food I did not have faith was best for us?

I continued in my scientific career, being grateful for the sense of familiarity and proficiency. Looking at life from a scientific standpoint is intriguing; the high resolution, the understanding that there are always deeper, hidden layers of details affecting the larger picture, are quite humbling. But science was no longer my truth. I was not able to express everything I could give back to the world through working in a lab.


After days at the lab I would long to immerse myself in culinary explorations . I would read about nutrition, raw materials and techniques. Be absorbed for hours in making new recipes I found, and creating my own recipes. I developed trust in the power of nutrition to change physiological and mental characteristics, both as a preventative tool and as treatment. I would give out tasters, to-go boxes, tips, advise and ramblings to any person who happened across my path. 

The years I worked away from culinary arts allowed me to explore many directions and form and opinion about what I want to express and provide. Only when I finished my PhD did I get the courage to allow myself to try and make a path for myself to improve the life quality of customers and people around me. My aim is to make healthy and clean food accessible to people.

I have yet to have studied a certified course in clinical dietetics, that being said, I am not bound by any institute's syllabus and can choose the articles and sources of information that seem most right to me. My pantry was carefully amalgamated, with the understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of the different foods I decided to consume, both nutritionally and gastronomically speaking.

My opinions and intuitions regarding which foods should be a part of our diet may not be perfectly reflected by everyone. That is great for diversity and growth. Please feel free to inquire, discuss and be mutually enriched by our combined knowledge. I am constantly learning, growing, tweaking and implementing new teachings.

I invite you to be part of my adventure, participate in the experiences and purchase products.

Welcome to my culinary world,

My name is Meital, and I create clean, nutritious and special food

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