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Sweets and Sweetners:

The global trend is to increase the sweetness levels in products. Because sugar is a stimulant for our brain, and it is also delicious, the food industry and different restaurants increase the sugar levels in their products to win customers away from competitors. The result; not only do we consume more sugar than is healthy for us, but in addition, our taste buds are becoming de-sensitized to natural flavouring and sweetness of the food. Some of the sweets I make have a very mild sweetness level (however, if requested I can specifically increase sweetness per order if required).

I do not use white or brown sugar, which are both processed, devoid of nutritional benefits and have a high glycemic value, which means they are digested in our bodies in a way that increases our blood sugar levels dramatically, which promotes bodily stress and inflammation. Nowadays sugar sneaks its way into many pantry staples without us realising; from shop bought breads, to the BBQ sauce we buy. Even under my meticulous awareness, I sometime find it hard to avoid those sugar containing products. Therefore, wherever possible I try to produce everything from scratch, like my own cashew mayonnaise and aiolis to be used in the dishes I make.

What is glycemic index?

The sweetners that I use:

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