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Silan and Dates:
Silan has a heck of a rich and complex flavour! Its glycemic value is low however it has not been determined unambiguously due to GI studies being carried out in countried where silan is less popular. Also, there will probably be some variation in silan's GI value depending on the types of dates used.
Dates are also a huge favourite of mine! Each type of dates has a slightly different flavour profile, also depending on the season, for example; medjoul is a a very juicy caramel-ly date, whilst dekel nur is a bit stickier and more toffee like.
Many of the small sweet bites I prepare are date- based. The GI value for dates varies according to the type, but averages around 42. 
Additionally to their modest GI value, dates are rich in calcium, iron, zinc and magnesium, as well as lots of fibre!
It is such a joy to eat something sweet and know you body enjoyed it as much as your tongue!
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