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The 'price tag' on health and quality:
Since we're being frank, my products are not all easy on the pocket (or at east they won't be for long :p).
My vision was to make these products accessible to anyone, no matter their financial abilities. During the setting up of the business, researching the raw materials and more relevantly; calculation of the time and effort placed into every recipe, I understood that in order to keep the business - I would have to price things more steeply than I anticipated.
I also understood that large food institutions cannot match the attention to detail in the healthy of each raw material picked to be in the food, and the care with which I execute each recipe, and so I cannot match their prices.
I believe that eating cheap costs a lot more later on in life. By that I do not refer to lentils, grains fruit and vegetables which are all cheap staples. I refer to the processed ready meals, snacks, convenience foods etc. 
Statistics show that diet - related disease has risen quite dramatically in recent years, which stands in complete contradiction with the general awareness of people to which foods promote health. 
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