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Gluten containing grain flours:
I do not use white wheat flour as it is poor in nutritional prospects, providing us mostly with empty calories and a high glycemic value (75) because of its lack of dietary fiber.
I make an effort to steer clear of any wheat flour because it is considered less nutritious as a result of extensive cultivation of wheat to be best suited for growing en-mass, and optimizing baking features, compromising its nutritional profile.
There are several initiatives attempting to ancient species of wheat grains into use, which are healthier, and perhaps in the future I shall also experiment with those.
Currently the main flours I work with for bread baking are 100% wholemeal spelt flour and 100% wholemeal rye flour. All my breads are made by hand, rather than machine as I like to feel that the physical and personal energy going into the dough improves the resulting loaf, whilst feeling connected to generations of bread makers which is a truly ancient art.
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