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'Naughty' pantry staples:
Many pantry staples we have at home do not conform to the highest nutritional standards (I this standard aspires for no processed sugar, processed oil, etc)
Uncharacteristically, I am cynical here towards the food industry. Sugar is often added to elongate shelf life and ensure no damage to food (and no food poisoning for customers). Alternatively, historically made condiments and foods have always used sugars and oils both for their preservative effects and their flavour enhancing abilities. Today, both requirements can be answered for using other methods, however, our palate has grown used to these classic flavours and often it is in aims of recreating these flavours that foods are boosted with unhealthy ingredients. Examples for this are prepared mustard or horseradish sauces.
Various convenience ingredients offered (e.g. mayonnaise, ketchup, pickles) have a range of different ingredients and some companies are 'cleaner' than others. From a culinary perspective it is very sad for me to see how many of these items' flavours are based on sugars, salt, vinegar and oils to substitute real food flavours, spices and taste molecules that are the product of fermentation processes - Its makes our palate boring and lazy.
I attempt to minimize use of such ingredients in my kitchen and choose the healthier and cleaner versions when I can. 
Some ingredients I still use despite what I have said are:
Balsamic vinegar (which includes grape juice)
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