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Rosh Hashanna menu

This menu brings festive dishes with symbolic foods for a sweet new year

(symbolic food marked in bold).

Food can be picked up from my place, or delivered for a fee of 25 NIS for orders under 300 NIS.

Beetroot salad 25 NIS / 500g:

Cooked beetroot salad in lemony asian marinade. 

Silverbeet and lubia salad - 25 NIS / 500g:

Cooked silverbeet, spinach and leek with black eyed peas (Lubia). 

Butternut squash salad - 40 NIS / 1 Liter:

Raw butternut squash, fresh herbs and pomegranate salad. 40 NIS / 1 Liter

Festive onions - 60 NIS / small tray:

Onions filled with barley, lentils, caramelized onion and butternut squash in pomegranate molasses. 

Braised fennel - 40 NIS / small tray:

Olive and wine braised fennel​. 40 NIS per small tray.

Aubergine roast - 45 NIS / small tray:

Roast aubergine in red wine, tomato and olive gravy. 

Roast carrots - 30 NIS for 1.5 Kg carrots:

Preserved lemon and chilli roast carrots in the skins. sweet-sour and spicy.

Beetroot Patties - 60 NIS / 10 patties​:

Tonnes of beetroot, with a bit of oatmeal / chickpea flour / red lentil four

* This goes wonderfully when served alongside gig and onion chutney and sunflower-seed feta spread. Each cost 20 NIS per jar, which is sufficient for 20+ patties.

Butternut squash platter - 50 NIS / small tray:

Thick butternut squash noodles roasted with red onion chunks and cherry tomatoes and served with tehina-hyssop dressing on the side. This is lovely both cold, as a cooked cold salad, or warmed.

Beetroot salad - 25 NIS for 500g:

cubed cooked beetroot with garlic, onions and Italian herbs

Sinya - 130 NIS per large tray​:

vegetable based balls stuffed between aubergine slices, all bake to luscious perfection in a light tomato sauce. served with tehina.

'Sweet like honey' cake - 30 NIS per english cake tin:

a fluffy sponge cake made from oatmeal (and not added fat). This is a simple cake to hit that spot.

'Sweet as honey' muffins - 6 NIS per muffin:

With brandy-coconut-butter icing. Minimum order of 6 muffins.

Apple cake - 40 NIS per english cake tin:

a fluffy sponge cake made from oatmeal (and not added fat) topped with baked apples. light and fruity.

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