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Prepared food menu:

This menu shall offer 4-6 dishes on a normal basis with another changing dish or two on a monthly basis. Hope you find something you like ;)

Food can be picked up from my place, or delivered for a fee of 25 NIS for orders under 300 NIS.

Indian Dal tadka - 50 NIS/Liter:

Red lentil soupy-stew with classic Indian flavours of cumin, mustard and turmeric. There are many types of dals and this is one of the most standard and popular ones. This is great served alongside rice, cread (or rotlis / naan if you really want to be authentic). This dish contains coriander.

Bean bourguignon - 60 NIS / Liter:

Cannelini / great northern beans, muchrooms and carrots slow cooked stew in french bourguignon style. This is wonderful on its own, but also really good with mashed potato, cauliflower puree or rice.​​​

Israeli style black lentil stew - 55 NIS / Liter:

Black lentils cookedwith tomatoes and tehina.

Beetroot Patties - 60 NIS / 10 patties​:

Tonnes of beetroot, with a bit of oatmeal / chickpea flour / red lentil four

* This goes wonderfully when served alongside gig and onion chutney and sunflower-seed feta spread. Each cost 20 NIS per jar, which is sufficient for 20+ patties.

Butternut squash platter - 50 NIS / platter:

Thick butternut squash noodles roasted with red onion chunks and cherry tomatoes and served with tehina-hyssop dressing on the side. This is lovely both cold, as a cooked cold salad, or warmed.

Lentil and mushroom burger - 65 NIS for 10 burgers:

* Serving suggestion: za'atar / horseradish cashew aioli sauce; 20 NIS per jar​

Greens crustless quiche - 50 NIS:

green leaves and sunflower seed feta quiche with chickpea flour

Balkan crustless quiche - 60 NIS:

Chickpea flour based quiche with roast aubergines, 0sundried tomatoes and sunflower seed feta.

Courgette cannelloni - 80 NIS for 10 units:

canneloni made of courgette strips, filled with spinach and tofu-ricotta, and basted in tomato sauce

Roast carrots - 30 NIS for 1.5 Kg carrots:

Preserved lemon and chilli roast carrots in the skins. sweet-sour and spicy.

Roast cabbage - 25 NIS for small tray:

Cabbage roasted wit dill and garlic

Beetroot salad - 25 NIS for 500g:

cubed cooked beetroot with garlic, onions and italian herbs

moussaka - 130 NIS per tray:

lentil ragout, layered between slices of aubergine, cauliflower bechamel and courgette slices.

Sinya - 130 NIS per tray​:

vegetable based balls stuffed between aubergine slices, all bake to luscious perfection in a light tomato sauce. served with tehina.

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